United Wholesale Mortgage Sold My Loan: The Shocking Truth Revealed!




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If you recently got a mortgage from United Wholesale Mortgage, you may be surprised to find out that they’ve sold your loan to another lender. You’re not alone in experiencing this, and there are reasons behind it.

Understanding Loan Sales

It’s common for mortgage lenders to sell the loans they originate to other financial institutions. This is done for various reasons, such as raising capital to issue more loans, managing risk, and maintaining liquidity. When your loan is sold, the terms of the loan typically remain the same, and you’ll be notified of the transfer.

Repercussions for Borrowers

As a borrower, a loan sale should not impact the terms of your loan. Your interest rate, monthly payment, and other key aspects should remain unchanged. However, the new lender may have different customer service procedures, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with their processes.

What to Do Next

Once your loan is sold, you can expect to receive a notification from both your original lender and the new lender. It’s important to review the details in these notifications to ensure that everything is accurate. Additionally, if you have autopay set up for your mortgage, you may need to update your payment information with the new lender.

Benefits of Loan Sales

Loan sales can actually have benefits for borrowers. For example, if your loan is sold to a lender with better customer service or more favorable terms, you may end up in a better position. Moreover, the original lender may have more resources to issue new loans, which can ultimately benefit other borrowers.

Frequently Asked Questions For United Wholesale Mortgage Sold My Loan: The Shocking Truth Revealed!

What Is The Process When United Wholesale Mortgage Sells My Loan?

When United Wholesale Mortgage sells your loan, it typically transfers the ownership rights to another lender or investor.

Why Does United Wholesale Mortgage Sell Loans?

United Wholesale Mortgage may sell loans to manage their cash flow and free up capital to make more loans to other borrowers.

What Happens To My Mortgage Terms If My Loan Is Sold?

If your loan is sold, the basic terms of your mortgage, such as interest rate and loan term, will generally remain the same.

Will I Have To Deal With A New Mortgage Servicer If My Loan Is Sold?

Yes, if your loan is sold, you may have to start making payments to a new mortgage servicer. They will handle the administration of your loan.


In conclusion, it’s common for mortgage lenders to sell loans, and it’s a standard practice in the industry. If your loan has been sold, it’s important to carefully review the notifications you receive and take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition to the new lender. Ultimately, a loan sale should not significantly impact the terms of your loan, and it may even result in benefits for you as a borrower.

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