Does Navy Federal Sell Their Mortgages? Discover the Untapped Potential




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Does Navy Federal Sell Their Mortgages

Many people wonder if Navy Federal Credit Union sells their mortgages. Let’s dive into this topic to find out more.

The Navy Federal Mortgage Process

When you apply for a mortgage with Navy Federal, they service their own loans. This means that they manage your mortgage from application to closing and throughout the life of the loan.

Since Navy Federal is a credit union, they focus on providing personalized service to their members. This includes handling their mortgages rather than selling them to other financial institutions.

Benefits of Navy Federal Servicing Their Mortgages

When Navy Federal keeps their mortgages in-house, it can benefit their members in several ways:

  • Continuity: Members have a consistent point of contact for all their mortgage needs.
  • Customer Service: Navy Federal can provide personalized customer service tailored to their members’ specific situations.
  • Loan Modifications: If members experience financial difficulties, Navy Federal may have more flexibility to offer loan modifications or workout options.

Why Some Lenders Sell Their Mortgages

While Navy Federal chooses to keep their mortgages in-house, some other lenders may sell their mortgages for various reasons:

  • Liquidity: Selling mortgages allows lenders to free up capital for additional lending.
  • Risk Management: By selling mortgages, lenders can transfer the risk of default to investors or other financial institutions.
  • Profit: Selling mortgages can be a source of revenue for lenders, especially when they sell the loans at a premium.

Navy Federal’s Commitment to Members

Navy Federal’s commitment to its members is evident in the way they handle their mortgages. By servicing their own loans, they can provide a higher level of personalized service and maintain the integrity of their member-focused approach.

In conclusion, Navy Federal does not sell their mortgages. Instead, they choose to service their own loans, which can benefit their members in various ways. If you’re considering a mortgage with Navy Federal, rest assured that you’ll be working with a lender that is committed to serving your best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Does Navy Federal Sell Their Mortgages? Discover The Untapped Potential

Can I Get A Mortgage From Navy Federal Credit Union?

Yes, Navy Federal Credit Union offers mortgage loans to its members. They provide a variety of mortgage options.

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