Is Rocket Mortgage Doing Super Bowl Squares 2023 : The Ultimate Game-Changing Power Move!




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Are you the type of person who loves football and enjoys the thrill of Super Bowl squares? If so, you might be curious if Rocket Mortgage will be offering Super Bowl squares for the 2023 game. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting opportunity and explore what Rocket Mortgage has in store for the big game.

What are Super Bowl Squares?

Before we dive into Rocket Mortgage’s potential involvement, let’s quickly go over what Super Bowl squares are.

Super Bowl squares are a popular game that adds an extra layer of excitement to the big game. Participants purchase one or more squares on a grid that has 100 squares in total. Each square corresponds to specific numbers representing the last digits of the scores for each team at the end of each quarter.

If the last digit of the score matches the numbers on your square, you win! It’s a simple and entertaining way to engage with the game, even if you’re not a die-hard football fan.

Rocket Mortgage’s History with Super Bowl Squares

Rocket Mortgage, a leading mortgage lender, has a history of getting involved with Super Bowl squares, providing participants with an opportunity to win big during the game. In previous years, Rocket Mortgage has offered exciting prizes and experiences to lucky winners who participated in their Super Bowl squares promotions.

Will Rocket Mortgage be Doing Super Bowl Squares in 2023?

While there has been no official announcement from Rocket Mortgage regarding their participation in Super Bowl squares for 2023, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any updates or announcements as the big game approaches.

If Rocket Mortgage does decide to offer Super Bowl squares for the 2023 game, it’s safe to assume that participants can look forward to an engaging and rewarding experience, with the chance to win fantastic prizes.

How to Get Involved

If you’re eager to participate in Super Bowl squares with Rocket Mortgage for the 2023 game, here’s how you can get involved:

Step Details
1 Keep an eye on Rocket Mortgage’s official website and social media channels for announcements and updates regarding their Super Bowl squares promotion.
2 Once the promotion is announced, follow the instructions to enter and secure your squares for a chance to win prizes during the Super Bowl.
3 Stay updated on the game and eagerly await the results to see if your squares match the scores for a chance to win!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Is Rocket Mortgage Doing Super Bowl Squares 2023 : The Ultimate Game-changing Power Move!

Is Rocket Mortgage Running Super Bowl Squares In 2023?

Yes, Rocket Mortgage will be running Super Bowl Squares in 2023. Join in the excitement!

How Can I Participate In Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

Participating in Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares is easy! Simply visit their website and follow the registration instructions.

What Are The Rules For Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

The rules for Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares will be clearly outlined on their website. Make sure to read them carefully to ensure a fair and fun experience.

What Are The Prizes For Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Squares?

Rocket Mortgage offers exciting prizes for their Super Bowl Squares game. Check their website for details on the amazing rewards you could win.


As we eagerly anticipate the 2023 Super Bowl, the possibility of Rocket Mortgage offering Super Bowl squares adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Keep an eye out for any updates from Rocket Mortgage, as participating in their Super Bowl squares promotion can enhance your game day experience while offering the chance to win fantastic prizes.

Whether you’re a football enthusiast or just enjoy the thrill of game day, the potential for Rocket Mortgage to do Super Bowl squares in 2023 presents an exciting opportunity to engage with the big game in a whole new way.

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