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As of my last update, Kisha and Jen Hoffman, winners of “The Amazing Race” season 18, maintain private lives. Kisha focuses on family and her career, while Jen advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and works in sports management.

“The Amazing Race” has seen many dynamic duos, but few have left a lasting impression quite like siblings Kisha and Jen Hoffman. After competing in season 14, they returned to clinch victory in the “Unfinished Business” edition of the show in 2011.

Their win was not only a triumph of strategy and resilience but also a moment of representation for both women of color and the LGBTQ+ community, courtesy of Jen’s openness about her sexuality. Since their globetrotting adventures, the sisters have taken different paths. Kisha prefers to keep a low profile, focusing on her personal life and a successful career path whose specifics remain largely private. On the other hand, Jen has continued to engage with the public, using her platform to support LGBTQ+ individuals and apply her competitive spirit to the sports industry. Their post-race journey underscores that while reality TV fame may fade, the impact of their participation continues to resonate with fans around the world.

The Journey Of Kisha And Jen

Embarking on an unforgettable adventure, Kisha and Jen conquered challenges on “The Amazing Race. ” Fans remain curious about their endeavors post-race, searching updates on the dynamic sister duo’s current pursuits.

Today’s Ventures Of Kisha And Jen

Their journey post-Amazing Race exemplifies a blend of ambition and altruism, a testament to their growth since the race ended. Kisha and Jen’s post-race achievements are an inspiration, demonstrating their adaptability and drive to succeed across multiple spectrums of professional and charitable endeavours.

Unveiling Future Endeavors

Kisha and Jen, the dynamic siblings from “The Amazing Race,” have pursued new horizons since their televised globetrotting adventures. Discover their current paths and how they’ve channeled their race experience into inspiring personal and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Kisha And Jen Amazing Race Where Are They Now

Did Kisha And Jen Win Amazing Race?

Kisha and Jen did not win “The Amazing Race” on their first attempt during Season 14. They returned for “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” (Season 18) and won.

What Happened To The Cast Of Season 5 Amazing Race?

Post-Season 5 of The Amazing Race, cast members pursued personal endeavors, with some returning to previous jobs and others engaging in new opportunities, including television appearances and motivational speaking. Many have remained active on social media, reconnecting with fans and sharing life updates.

Are Rachel And Dave Amazing Race Season 20 Still Together?

As of my last knowledge update in March 2023, Rachel and Dave Brown, winners of The Amazing Race Season 20, are no longer together. They announced their divorce after their race victory.

What Happened To The Couples In Season 1 Of The Amazing Race?

Rob & Brennan won Season 1 of “The Amazing Race. ” The other couples were progressively eliminated, with Frank & Margarita finishing second, and Joe & Bill coming in third. Remaining teams faced eliminations in preceding episodes.


Kisha and Jen’s journey on The Amazing Race won our hearts. Their post-race adventures continue to inspire fans everywhere. They’ve shown us that tenacity extends beyond the TV screen. Whether through personal growth or advocating for social change, these sisters embody the enduring spirit of the race.

Keep up with Kisha and Jen to stay motivated by their latest feats!

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